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Global Leader in Culinary Education

JWU’s College of Culinary Arts formally evolved into the College of Food Innovation & Technology on June 1, 2020.

With CFIT, JWU is building upon our expertise to explore how food impacts people, communities, and economies. CFIT will educate and prepare the next generation of culinary and food leaders.

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Learn by doing, mastering the craft of culinary arts in top-notch labs, under the guidance of expert chef-instructors.

All of JWU Providence’s programs combine the craft and art of cooking with science and nutrition, management skills, global citizenship and a variety of work experience opportunities that will set you apart from the competition.

Benefit from an integrated arts and sciences curriculum to provide you with the analytical, critical thinking, and communications skills necessary for long-term career advancement.

When you graduate, be positioned to pursue the growing range of food service careers locally or around the world.

Culinary Arts Programs

Associate in Science (AS) Degree
Baking & Pastry Arts
Culinary Arts

Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree
Baking & Pastry Arts
Baking & Pastry Arts and Food & Beverage Industry Management
   -through the College of Hospitality Management; Baking & Pastry Arts AS
Culinary Arts 
Culinary Arts and Food & Beverage Industry Management
   -through the College of Hospitality Management; Culinary Arts AS
Culinary Nutrition
Culinary Science & Product Development
Dietetics & Applied Nutrition
   -through the College of Health & Wellness
Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship
   -through the College of Business; Baking & Pastry Arts AS or 
Culinary Arts AS
Sustainable Food Systems

Professional Craft Brewing*

Craft Brewing
Sommelier Management

*Available through Continuing Education