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Professor Elizabeth Carey

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Elizabeth Carey currently serves as an associate professor in the Marketing department of JWU Providence’s College of Business. She focuses heavily on project-based learning, both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to her teaching role, Carey also serves as the faculty advisor for the College of Business social media student ambassador team and the JWU Surf Club. She also enjoys hosting international students for holidays and field trips.

Carey's professional background spans more than 30 years in the fields of advertising, marketing, digital and social media marketing. She left her home state of Rhode Island in 1993 and worked with tech and telecommunications clients for five years in San Francisco during the explosive dot.com era.


  • MBA, Providence College Providence
  • B.A., English, College of the Holy Cross

My teaching practices focus heavily on making sure students understand the diverse and interconnected workforce that they will be entering.


  • MRKT 3045: Social Media Marketing
  • ADVC 3010: Digital Media Planning
  • ADVC 1011: Media Strategy
  • ADVC 4020: Portfolio Seminar
  • ADVC 1010: Integrated Marketing Communications
  • ADVC 2001: Advertising Concepts and Strategy

Extra Curricular Roles

In addition to teaching, Carey is a part-time consultant for advertising agencies and runs her own personal branding consulting firm, called Apply Yourself Today. She works with people of all ages to help them achieve their potential and successfully apply to internships, job opportunities or manage a complete career change.


Professional Affiliations

Marketing Management Association
American Marketing Association
Association of American Colleges and Universities

Q&A with Elizabeth

At JWU, education is not confined to the four walls of the classroom. You’re not going to spend four years with your nose buried in a book, learning theories you may never get a chance to apply — you’re going to get out there and apply them, be it through internships, group projects, leadership opportunities, competitions and more.

How Did You Get Started?

Carey got started in teaching during her years living in San Francisco, CA, when a colleague asked her to teach a direct marketing course for UC Berkeley. She loved her experience and taught there for three years while working full time for Grey Advertising. Later, in 2008, after leaving her full-time marketing position for a financial investment company while her children were in elementary school, she had the opportunity to be an adjunct instructor for the College of Business and loved being back in the classroom.

What Is Your Favorite Teaching Moment?

Carey's favorite teaching moment is when students work on a real client project, and present their final marketing campaigns. When they receive the client feedback, which is usually very positive, the level of confidence and sense of pride shown on the students' faces is so incredibly rewarding and is what she says "keeps me moving forward."

What Advice Do You Have For Incoming Freshmen?

For incoming freshmen, the best advice is to relax, take it one day at a time, seek help for any challenges you might be having, and get involved in a few clubs or orgs, so you can meet a diverse group of students. Also, go to faculty office hours at least twice during the semester, as some of your faculty will end up being your biggest advocates, so make sure they know who you are, and what makes you tick.

What College Do You Teach In?

College of Business