Anthony Fruzzetti

Professor & Program Lead, Advertising & Media Communications; Marketing

JWU Faculty Since 2000

Professor Anthony Fruzzetti

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Anthony Fruzzetti is in his 22nd year as a full-time member of the faculty in the College of Business’ Marketing Department.

He is a longtime active member of the New England Chapter of the Insights Association. Fruzzetti also serves as a faculty mentor to the JWU Men’s Ice Hockey team and faculty advisor to the JWU Wave Riders Surf Club.

In the classroom, Fruzzetti prefers for students to be active participants in a conversation, rather than passive witnesses to a lecture.


  • Ed.D., Johnson & Wales University
  • MBA, Organizational Behavior, Suffolk University Boston Massachusetts
  • B.S., Marketing, Johnson & Wales University

As a member of the Marketing department, my two areas of specialization are marketing research and consumer behavior. They go together, and focus on why people do the things they do.


  • MRKT 1001: Principles of Marketing
  • MRKT 1002: Consumer Behavior
  • MRKT 2050: Marketing Research
  • MRKT 3055: Survey Research
  • MRKT 4030: International Marketing
  • MRKT 4055: Global Strategic Marketing

Extra Curricular Roles

Outside of the classroom I enjoy my role as Faculty Mentor to the Men's Ice Hockey team, as well as my role as Advisor to the JWU Waveriders Surf Club.

Q&A with Anthony

At JWU, education is not confined to the four walls of the classroom. You’re not going to spend four years with your nose buried in a book, learning theories you may never get a chance to apply — you’re going to get out there and apply them, be it through internships, group projects, leadership opportunities, competitions and more.

What Is Your Favorite Teaching Moment?

My favorite teaching moment happens every time the conversation we are having in class starts to flow organically from and between the students, rather than being directed by me. This is when I know that real learning, understanding, and critical thinking are happening.

What Advice Do You Have For Incoming Freshmen?

I always advise my incoming Freshmen to be bold, and take advantage of the opportunity to reinvent themselves. I also advise on the importance of staying open minded as they explore all of the introductory business courses. One never knows where or when that spark of inspiration and interest will occur.

What College Do You Teach In?

College of Business