Our Campus Commitment

Story by JWU Denver , on Jun 22, 2020 4:49 PM

This year has truly been a challenge for all of us in many ways. Among the greatest challenges is that we continue to witness the historic injustice and violence towards people due to race, national origin, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and gender identity. The senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery – as the most recent citizens whose lives have ended as a result of systemic violence - have tilted the scales in such a way that American citizens and allies around the globe are once again demanding action against racism and social injustice.

We at JWU remain committed to doing our part to recognize that diversity is an essential asset to our community and to engage in action that promotes justice for all. Our university community has demonstrated time and again the ways in which we support one another and the broader world around us in the spirit of oneJWU, yet we will strive to continue to do our part in advancing this effort. While we stand with those who exercise their rights as concerned citizens to protest by non-violent means and those who work to enact policies that move our country forward, we also believe that each of us can actuate change in our own spheres of influence.

Here at JWU Denver, we take pride in the courage and advocacy displayed by our Faculty, Staff, Student Government Association and student organization leaders who regularly promote ways to enhance the student experience and educate their peers about social injustice. As passionately stated by Kara Hoofnagle, Ph.D., Denver Faculty Council Chair, “Events such as these provide an important reminder of our shared responsibility to peacefully speak up and act upon our Country's foundational principles of peace and justice for all. Indeed, the path to peace and social justice is long and bumpy, but we must continue to stand united in opposition to discrimination, and embrace the opportunities we have to create and foster a bond of unity in our community.”

Earlier this year, a team of community members began the important work of creating new programming, focused on culture, inclusion and creativity in action that is planned to launch in fall 2020 on our campus. It is the intention of this new campus resource to amplify the collective capacity within our community to use education and social change models as tools to dismantle racism and promote justice, in connection with every sphere of our personal and professional lives. Campus leadership will share further updates on the development of this timely and meaningful initiative in the near future.

We want to acknowledge that while we are one JWU community, we may not all be experiencing the unrest around the country in the same ways, and that any one of us may be feeling anxious, angry, or helpless at different points in time. We are here for one another when these feelings arise and encourage you to reach out to Health & Counseling Services for support and access to valuable resources.