My Early Enrollment Journey to JWU

Throughout my 17 years of life, I have endured many challenges, varying in nature. Some of the challenges were quite exciting and positive, while others were more difficult and exhausting. These challenges, however, eventually led to something amazing! My journey to starting the Early Enrollment Program (EEP) at JWU’s College of Culinary Arts exemplifies this perfectly.

Since fourth grade, all of my schooling has been online. Prior to beginning online schooling, I struggled to learn in a traditional school setting.

After many years of online schooling, I discovered that Ocean County Vocational-Technical School (OCVTS) in Brick, New Jersey, offered a culinary arts program for high school juniors and seniors.

“Since I started at JWU this fall, I’ve adjusted to college life + am loving every minute of it.”

I jumped at the chance to attend. I have an enormous passion for the culinary arts — and a strong drive for success within the culinary world.

From an early age, I have been a very adventurous eater and foodie. My dad loves to cook, especially grilling or smoking meats to make an amazing dinner for my whole family. I have also watched cooking shows all of my life, including one of my favorites, “Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” In September of 2015, I created my own food blog called PaleoRebel, where I share my recipe creations and food photos.

During my amazing experience at OCVTS, I was taught by talented chefs and great faculty. I gained so much experience over the course of my junior year of high school — my year at OCVTS opened my eyes to the countless opportunities that exist in the industry, and that only fueled my desire to learn more.

Providence Culinary Student Juliet Faas holds up her “I’m in at JWU” banner outside Ocean County vocational Technical School after being accepted to JWU.

After learning about JWU’s Early Enrollment Program (EEP), I knew I had to apply. It’s a pretty unique program that offers high school students the opportunity to attend JWU during their senior year.

Another EEP benefit? Being able to earn credits for high school and college courses while still participating in high school activities. Best of all, you get the chance to attend JWU a year early — allowing you to get started on your journey towards achieving your dream career.

Chef Matthew Britt with JWU culinary student Juliet Faas

Since I began my first year year in the culinary arts program this fall, I have quickly adjusted to college life and I am loving every minute of it.

In addition to my academic courses this term, I have attended multiple Craft Skills Sessions, which means I’ve been able to get in the Cuisinart Center for Culinary Excellence (CCCE) kitchens and cook! I had such a blast making fish tacos in a skills class with Chef Britt and Chef Robotham.

I have also joined student-run culinary clubs like the Club of Culinary Excellence, which has given me additional volunteer opportunities to get involved, on and off-campus.

Six weeks into the school year and I am already having the time of my life, gaining lifelong culinary skills and knowledge that will set me up for success within the industry.

I cannot wait to experience what the future holds during my time at JWU!

Keep up with Juliet’s culinary adventures on Instagram and on her blog, PaleoRebel.