Bank of America Student Investment Summer Program

Student life at JWU Charlotte

Thanks to generous funding from Bank of America’s economic outreach program for students in the greater Charlotte region (defined as within 75 miles of Charlotte), JWU Charlotte is able to provide this summer bridge program for select accepted students.

Get a sneak peek at college life!

  • Meet other incoming freshmen
  • Live on campus for 5 weeks
  • Get ahead by earning up to 9 credits in English & Math
  • Participate in workshops and activities to help you be ready for freshman year
  • Pay NO additional tuition — all program expenses are covered by a generous gift from Bank of America

What is the Bank of America Student Investment Summer Program?

The BoA Student Investment Summer Program is a 5-week residential summer bridge program for incoming first-year students. Participants will have the opportunity to complete college-level academic courses in English and Mathematics, meet other incoming students, and participate in mentoring, workshops, and experiences to help them become successful college students.

What does the program offer me?

The Student Investment Summer Program cultivates a diverse community of scholars and prepares them to engage actively to meet the challenges of a small private university. The program supports students by providing:

  • A stimulating and challenging academic experience in two core subjects
  • Personalized, comprehensive advising and tutoring
  • An intellectually and socially enriching residential and community experience
  • The opportunity to live on campus and experience college life before arriving on campus in the fall

2020 Dates

The 2020 dates for the program will be Sunday, July 12th to Friday, August 14th. Classes and program activities will take place Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm, and there will be social opportunities and campus activities on the weekends.

Because Summer Bridge is only 5 weeks, students must be prepared to commit to the full length of the program in order to be an eligible participant.

If you have questions about the Summer Program, explore the FAQ below or contact Lauren Smalley by email or by calling 980-598-1508.

Ready to sign up?

To sign up for the program, contact Admissions Representative Lisa Koenig by phone at 704-207-9577 or by email.

Student Investment Summer Program FAQs

What is the Bank of America Student Investment Summer Program?

The Bank of America Student Investment Summer Program is a 5-week summer bridge program that allows select incoming freshmen to live on campus, take classes, and participate in a wide variety of co-curricular programming. It is designed to help new high school graduates become successful college students. Students take two college-level academic courses: Math and English, cumulatively worth up to 9 credit hours. The program, funded by Bank of America, targets students who live or attended high school in the Charlotte, N.C., metro area and is FREE for selected students.

What are the 2020 dates of the program?

The 2020 Bank of America Student Investment Summer Program will begin on Sunday, July 12th and last until Friday, August 14th. Students will have until noon on Saturday, August 15th, to move out of the residence hall.

What is the program like?

Students take two 90-minute academic classes (math and English) each weekday. Additional programming includes required study sessions, workshops, team-building, and co-curricular activities. A typical weekday begins at 8:30am and lasts until about 5pm. During the evenings, there are social events planned by Peer Leaders. On the weekends, students experience a sampling of the cultural and community activities Charlotte has to offer, like sporting events, museums, and arts performances. Student live on-campus for the duration of the program, and meals are provided through the campus dining center.

What are the benefits of attending?

  • Getting a head start on your college degree with an opportunity to earn 9 college credits
  • Receiving individualized guidance and support during your transition to college
  • Getting to know other incoming freshman and returning student peer leaders before coming to campus in the fall
  • Building the skills you’ll need to be a successful college student, from time and money management to effective study strategies
  • Meeting and making connections with JWU faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Acclimating to campus life with five weeks of on-campus accommodation and meal plan included

Is this program right for me?

The Bank of America Student Investment Summer Program is an academically rigorous program paired with a caring community of support. You will be expected work hard, but you will have access to enhanced support services and be matched with a faculty or staff mentor who is there to help you achieve your goals. Most importantly, the program is a community of students who show promise and dedication, and are enthusiastic about achieving their educational and career goals.

How much does it cost to participate?

A scholarship will cover the full program costs for invited students, including tuition, housing, meal plan, program activities and excursions. This special scholarship funding is provided by a generous gift from Bank of America which targets the academic and professional growth of young people in the Charlotte, NC metro area.

Students may want to bring some pocket money for incidental expenses like going out to eat with friends.

What if I’m an athlete?

Because fall sports (volleyball, soccer, tennis, cross-country, and golf) will be participating in their own on-campus pre-term activities during the same time period, students unfortunately cannot participate in both the BoA Student Investment Summer program and these sports. However, basketball players are eligible for the program.

What if I have transfer or AP credit for English and/or Math?

Students with Transfer credits should speak to a program representative. Depending on which courses you are transferring in, this program may or may not work for your academic needs.

What if I struggled in Math or English in high school?

Many students have struggled with or dislike core subjects like Math and English. This program is designed to create an environment where every student who is willing to put in the effort may succeed in these courses. Small classes with experienced professors, individual coaching and mentoring, and free tutoring are all included to help students succeed. You will be expected to work hard and participate fully, but you will have lots of built-in support.

Do I need to take the placement test?

Yes. All students MUST take the placement test prior to the program in order to be placed into the correct Math class. Depending on your placement, this program may or may not work for your academic needs.

Can I work during the program?

The Bank of America Student Investment Summer Program is a fully funded scholarship program and as such it is designed to be a full-time residential program. Students are advised to commit to being fully present without outside commitments during the 5 weeks. Certain exceptions may be granted during weekends; contact the program administrator to learn more about how the program is set up and talk about your options.

What if I can only attend part of the program?

Because the program runs for only 5 weeks, students must commit to full participation for the duration of the program to be eligible.

Do I have to be a residential student?

All participants will live on-campus during the 5-week summer program. Both students who plan to live on campus in the fall and students who plan to commute in the fall are eligible for the program. Students who will be residential students in the fall will move out between the BoA Student Investment Summer Program and the fall term.

Where will I live? Will I have a roommate?

Students will live together live in Cedar Hall, a suite-style dormitory during the program. Most rooms are two students per room, sharing a bathroom with two other students. If you will be a residential student in the fall, your room assignment and roommate will probably be different than during the summer.

Students who need specific accommodations due to a disability should contact the Center for Academic Support at

What should I bring?

Students who sign up for the program will receive a suggested packing list. Because you will move out for several weeks before returning to campus in the fall for freshman move-in, we recommend packing only what you’ll need for the 5 weeks of the program.

Can I bring a car?

The Bank of America Student Investment Summer Program is designed to be a fully residential program, which means students will not need a car. All transportation to program events and activities will be provided. JWU Charlotte’s campus is located in Uptown Charlotte and is a short walk from restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, sports venues, and other arts & entertainment opportunities. Students who choose to bring a car do so at their own expense.

Where will I be eating my meals? What about food allergies?

Most meals will be provided by the JWU Charlotte University Dining Center at specified mealtimes. Some meals will be provided offsite during planned activities or events. Many students also like to have some pocket money available to visit local restaurants and coffee shops at their convenience.

The Dining Center is experienced in working with students who have food allergies and dietary restrictions; contact 980-598-1950 to speak with the Dining Center Director about your specific needs.