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The Web Team

JWU’s Web team manages and maintains the university’s website in partnership with IT and with assistance from web editors from departments across the university.

The responsibilities of the Web team include:

  • Monitoring webpages for accuracy and readability
  • Updating webpages
  • Upholding JWU’s brand standards, editorial style and web accessibility guidelines
  • Launching new academic program pages
  • Ensuring that our website is optimized for online search and user experience
  • Reviewing and publishing submitted web content
  • Writing stories and creating web content featuring stories about students, faculty, alumni and staff to increase website traffic and awareness of JWU. If you have a story idea, please use the Story Request Form.
  • Offering training and assistance to web editors universitywide

The Web team does not manage, update or edit the following sections: 

Web Editors

Below is an extensive list of web editors for various JWU webpages and sites. Web editors should be the first point of contact for small edits and updates. If web editors run into any issues, have questions, or need to make major updates, the Web team is happy to assist. 

Find Your Department’s Web Editor
Area JWU Webpages & Sites Web Editors
About JWU jwu.edu/about-jwu Leandre Mewborn*
Academic Success Center sites.jwu.edu/academic-success;
PVD: Flynn Doncaster
CLT: ASC Staff Email 
Alerts  alerts.jwu.edu   LeRoy Rose
Bridge for Diversity, Equity & Social Justice jwu.edu/bridge Mike Waugh;
Korina Ramsland
Campus Safety safety.jwu.edu  Darrell Johnston
Career Services careers.jwu.edu Dianne Compos
Commencement commencement.jwu.edu PVD: Derek Lavoie
CLT: Karen Gordon
Community Standards & Conduct conduct.jwu.edu PVD: Conduct Staff Email
CLT: Kalea Jackson
Commuter Students commuters.jwu.edu PVD: Diane Riccitelli 
CLT: Crystal Hutson
COVID covid.jwu.edu LeRoy Rose
Counseling & Health Services health.jwu.edu PVD Counseling: Stephanie Dixon
PVD Health: Jenny Barlow; Melissa Badessa 
CLT Counseling:
Brooke Magee
CLT Health: Shelia Griffin
Dining Services dining.jwu.edu Erika Tetzner
eCenter ecenter.jwu.edu Benjamin Steele
Ecolab Center for Culinary Science sites.jwu.edu/ecolab Ruben Morawicki
Employment jobs.jwu.edu Karen Almond 
Faculty Experts facultyexperts.jwu.edu Rachel Nunes
Faculty Profiles jwu.edu/faculty PVD COAS: Kathi Noonan 
PVD COB: Siobhan Campbell
PVD CFIT: Karin Lucier 
PVD COED: Julie Tagliaferri
PVD COHW: Jennifer Campbell; Michele Forand 
PVD COHM: Jennifer McDonald
CLT All: Karen Gordon
Homecoming & Family Weekend sites.jwu.edu/family-weekend/charlotte.html;
PVD: Sandy Cardoza
CLT: Crystal Hutson; David Bateman Schlieler
Instructional Design & Technology idt.jwu.edu Meredith Hass
International Students international.jwu.edu Joanne Gilbert**
International Viewbook why.jwu.edu/jwu-viewbook-international Ryland Grudzinski
Living on Campus livingoncampus.jwu.edu PVD: Becky Budynkiewicz
CLT: Crystal Hutson
Magazine jwu.edu/news/magazine Leandre Mewborn
Orientation orientation.jwu.edu PVD: Macy Wakefield
CLT: Heather Harrison
SEEM Leadership sites.jwu.edu/seemleadership Scott Bowers
Student Consumer Information jwu.edu/about-jwu/student-consumer-information.html UNIV: Sandra Lawrence
Study Abroad studyabroad.jwu.edu Morgan Pimentel
Student Engagement jwu.edu/campuses/providence/life-on-campus/student-leadership;
PVD: Sandy Cardoza
CLT: Crystal Hutson; David Bateman Schlieler
Transportation Services transportation.jwu.edu PVD: Denise Neirinckx***
CLT: Jane Freeman
University Scholarship & Best Practices Expo sites.jwu.edu/expo Maria Knight
Wildcat Welcome wildcatwelcome.jwu.edu PVD: Derek Lavoie
CLT: Heather Harrison

*Leandre Mewborn does not manage the other About pages found on the right-hand side navigation of the About JWU page. 
**Joanne Gilbert does not manage CLT’s Travel & Arrival or the Travel Plans Form.

***Denise Neirinckx does not manage PVD Parking. Point of contact to be added soon. 


Requesting Web Support

If your department has a web editor, please work directly with them to update content for your department’s webpages.

Please submit a web request if: 

  • Your department does not have a web editor.
  • You are the web editor and need assistance updating content.
  • You are the web editor and need to remove, redesign or create new webpages. These requests should always be submitted to We.

Our Senior Marketing Content Developer can accommodate simple updates, which are typically completed within 5-7 work days. Examples of simple updates include:

  • Making factual corrections
  • Updating or removing academic programs from the site
  • Updating the academic program picker
  • Fixing typos and grammatical errors
  • Removing or replacing broken links or images

Requests to launch new webpages or for webpage redesigns will require a longer process with a kickoff meeting to review project goals and details. These requests can take weeks depending on scope. We will review timelines in our kickoff meeting.

Make a Request

These links open up pre-filled emails.

Note: You can customize your subject line to fit your request, but DO NOT use the word “Update” or your request will bounce back.

Simple Web Edit Request

Web Project Request