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JWU’s faculty members are a cornerstone of the university’s student experience. Through their teaching, mentoring, and research, faculty members have an enormous impact on the growth and development of JWU students.

University faculty and instructors are uniquely positioned to connect with, support, and guide students during their time at JWU. Therefore, the university prioritizes having industry experts and leaders heading up our in-person and digital classrooms. Exposing students to real-world applications, challenges, and cutting-edge innovation across subjects ensures they have the network and know-how to feel prepared and confident for their careers.

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Two Biology students in the lab with Professor Michael Budziszek

Faculty Mentorship

Faculty mentorship offers students the support and guidance needed to feel connected and confident.

“As soon as students get into JWU as freshmen, they are assigned a mentor. So this mentorship relationship — this communication between mentor and mentees — begins right from the start!”

Associate Professor Carlos Diaz, MBA, CPA

Faculty Industry Expertise

Connections to industry that allow for real-world application and insight.

“Our goal is: How do we educate you as fast as possible so you can go contribute to the world?”

Assistant Professor Doug Tondreau

Faculty Research

Opportunities to grow and explore areas of academic interest and passion.

“The Student Research, Design & Innovation Symposium is an incredible event where students from across colleges and across programs come together to showcase their exemplary work.”

Associate Professor Samantha Rosenthal, Ph.D.

Faculty Experts for Media Requests

Need an expert opinion for a story? The university offers a comprehensive website for journalists, writers and media contacts to use when seeking an authoritative academic source:

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