Meet the Foodie Dietitian 

My purpose is to impact the health of others through the way I know best, and that’s food,” shares dietetics & applied nutrition major Nina Palmer ‘22. “Most dietetics programs don’t have culinary as part of it, but here at JWU, we’re able to be in a kitchen. It brings us to a new level of understanding food — that’s the reason I picked JWU.

Physician Assistant students working with a patient.

Health is more important than ever

Let’s change the world

Diet and nutrition, exercising, the science behind the human body — so many components factor into what it means to be healthy and well. More than ever, the world is focused on health — and so are we. At JWU, we’ve created our own interdisciplinary, holistic approach to educating students who want to pursue a career in any part of the health industry. 

In our state-of-the-art labs and facilities, students from a variety of majors come together to study and understand the intersection of mental and physical well-being, science, nutrition, and medicine. We also look beyond the classroom and out into the world to learn more about the social and economic issues that impact the availability of healthcare.

Together, we all have the potential to create healthier communities at the local, national, and global level. It all starts here.



Featured Health Programs

Students performing a mock examination of a patient in the Physician Assistant lab

Health Science

This program allows you to explore how subjects like nutrition, exercise science, psychology, sociology, public health, and economics are important to patient-centered, humanistic healthcare delivery.

Explore Health Science

A Physician Assistant student talking to a patient

Exercise and Sports Science

This new bachelor program explores how physical therapy and movement can impact injury recovery and how nutrition, psychology and exercise come together holistically for health.

Explore Exercise and Sports Science

Healthcare administrator talking to physician assistants while a patient listens.

Healthcare Administration

Become one of the next generation’s leaders in the healthcare industry. Study a mix of healthcare-related courses, business, economics, and communications to develop the skills needed to evaluate, improve, and deliver healthcare services.

Explore Healthcare Administration

A student examining a sample in a lab

Public Health

Perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic sparked your interest in how to prevent the spread of disease. The Public Health program looks at how to create healthier communities and improve healthcare.

Explore Public Health

An instructor slices food with a knife as students look on

Dietetics and Applied Nutrition

Learn how to identify nutrition-related problems and develop solutions with a customized nutrition care plan.

Explore Dietetics and Applied Nutrition

A man and a woman talking while sitting on a bench


Mental health is a crucial part of our overall well-being. Explore how and why humans behave in certain ways in the Psychology program.

Explore Psychology

“Public health impacts every single thing that we do.”

For Cara Sammartino, Public Health is Personal

Cara Sammartino, Ph.D., M.S.P.H., has led JWU’s Public Health program into tremendous growth and has provided countless students with opportunities in Rhode Island and beyond. “I think students want to do good in the world, and they associate doing good with health,” Sammartino says.

Read Cara’s Story

Associate Professor Cara Sammartino

Featured Faculty

Professor Samantha Rosenthal

Samantha Rosenthal, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Rosenthal has strong teaching interests related to her primary field of epidemiology. In addition to focusing on the social determinants of health, she strongly emphasizes cultural competence in health care and addressing systemic racism.

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Dietetics and Applied Nutrition Department Chair Kara Cucinotta

Kara Cucinotta

Kara Cucinotta, D.C.N., M.S., RDN, LDN, CNSC, practiced dietetics for seven years, working with adult and pediatric patients and clients in inpatient hospitals, outpatient clinics, and a private practice for nutrition counseling. She encourages an actively engaged classroom, utilizing a variety of teaching methods and real-life examples.

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Professor Howard Slutzsky

Howard Slutzky

Howard Slutzky, Psy.D., has worked in a variety of clinical settings including community mental health, college counseling, and private practice. In addition to his courses, he offers numerous health and wellness workshops to students on topics such as relationships, stress reduction, coping with medical issues, and more.

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Expertise & Excellence

JWU professors are committed to developing your skills and sharing their industry experience to prepare you for the challenges ahead.


Biology faculty member Christos Dimos working with students in the lab.

More Reasons to Choose JWU

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Student Support Services

JWU believes every student should have the tools they need to get a great college education.

Student Support Services

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Experiential Education

We connect you to employers and professional development opportunities.

Experiential Education

Karyn Jimenez-Elliott (right) teaching a design class at JWU.

Faculty with industry experience

With JWU’s unique approach to education, you work closely with faculty who have expertise in their own unique disciplines.

JWU Faculty