Catalog, Handbooks & Manuals

By attending Johnson & Wales University, you have demonstrated your commitment to developing and enhancing your professional as well as your personal life. As part of this commitment, you must demonstrate acceptance of your responsibilities as a member of the university community. It is expected that you will conduct yourself in a professional and courteous manner in and out of the classroom.

Together these resources are designed to provide you with information that will assist you in your academic endeavors at the university, including available resources, relevant policies, lists of needed equipment, an outline of the curriculum, and guidelines to help you prepare for this challenging academic experience.

Be aware that MSPAS-specific policies are in addition to university policies listed in the JWU Student Handbook.

Please note, however, that the PA Studies Handbook is not designed to be all-inclusive; there are some policies that may pertain to students that may not be covered in these sources.

If you have any questions that cannot be answered from these sources, feel free to discuss these with the program director or with individual faculty members.