Chef Idell Named Culinary Assistant Dean

William Idell

Chef William (Bill) Idell '89 has been appointed Assistant Dean of the College of Culinary Arts at JWU’s Providence Campus.

Beginning July 1, Idell will manage the day-to-day academic operations of the college, which will include oversight of the schedule, communication between departments and overall educational experience and program delivery.

Innovative Approach to Culinary Education
A valued faculty member since 2006 and department chair since 2010, Idell’s enthusiasm and innovative approach to culinary education have had a significant impact on the students of the College of Culinary Arts. He has been instrumental in developing curriculum which examines the intersection between food, health and sustainability. His work has created opportunities for hands-on learning for our students with local farms, fisheries and other members of the Rhode Island food community.

Special Focus on Community + Sustainability
His efforts to engage the community has led to events such as Eat Smart Rhode Island, a coordinated effort between local chefs and the department of health to improve the eating habits of Rhode Islanders, and a JWU version of Food Day, a nationwide effort to improve diets and food policies.

In cooperation with the Rhode Island Sea Grant, he established the Rhode Island Seafood Challenge, now in its second year, an educational event designed for JWU culinary students to learn about local and sustainable seafood products and business practices.

Idell’s desire to motivate and inspire has brought new approaches to faculty engagement including informative field trips, and new approaches for faculty orientation and end-of-year meetings. He was instrumental in establishing the Wellness & Sustainability elective, soon to be offered as a full degree program.

Education + Background
Bill holds a master’s degree in nutrition communications from Tufts University, a bachelor’s degree in nutrition science from Oregon State University, and an associate degree in culinary arts from JWU. As a professional chef with over 20 years of experience, he has worked in kitchens throughout the US.

Bill has gained an international perspective on culinary education while spending time with our educational partners in Peru, Italy and Singapore. He has presented on a variety of food-related topics for organizations such as the US Department of Education, the American Dietetic Association, Field-to-Plate and the National Restaurant Association.