Luxury Hotel Internship in Dublin

New Fairfield, Connecticut

Marianna Consiglio '18 at work during her internship at The Merrion Hotel in Dublin.

Culinary Nutrition

The Merrion Hotel, Dublin

During my internship, my title was Kitchen Placement Chef. I was treated as a commis chef and worked closely with the hotel’s Chef de Partie to complete tasks for the day, whether it was prepping for service, working on a line, prepping for a private function, and/or assisting in plate up for a private function.

Working at a 5-star hotel was an unbeatable experience. Not only were the products we used sourced locally and supremely top-notch, but listening in on the Executive Chef’s morning briefs to hear a roster of the VIP clientele we were preparing for really had an effect on the mentality of the kitchen. We knew we needed to serve an excellent meal, and we knew we would be proud of the outcome at the end of the day.

"I became fully immersed in another culture."

Marianna Consiglio '18 at her Dublin internship

I had the opportunity to attend a management meeting at The Merrion where I saw the endless possibilities of this industry. I spoke with the Food and Beverage Director, Hotel Manager, HR Director, Executive Chef, and a multitude of supervisors, and saw firsthand how every single position was pivotal to the business. I quickly realized that there are countless ways to stay in this industry for the long term.

What did you learn?
Before leaving for internship, I thought I knew the swing of things at home, and even thought Dublin wouldn’t be too much of a change.

My mind was quickly changed when I became fully immersed in another culture by cooking and cleaning side-by-side with chefs and co-workers who quickly became friends.

This experience taught me to not only keep an open mind, but to keep a curious mind. The practical skills I learned from this experience alone will help me in my future career. Catering to such high clientele was a great experience on its own but being able to say I worked in Europe will also set my resume apart from my peers.

Because of this experience, I plan on completing my senior level internship by going abroad once again, this time through JWU’s Pan-Asian Cuisine and Culture program to Singapore and Thailand.

"Face each opportunity as a new experience and a new adventure."

In addition, I plan to continue my studies at JWU to earn my MBA and seek out a management training program after graduation. Why? Because attending that one management meeting opened my mind to the possibilities in management by being exposed to different aspects of the business.

Advice for others
Treat your internship as if it was your career. Sitting in on a management meeting opened my mind to pursuing an MBA and becoming a manager in this industry.

Do not let any opportunity slip away. If you face each opportunity as a new experience and a new adventure, you will learn and grow more than you could have ever expected. I certainly did.