By the Numbers: Examining Value, Outcomes + Why JWU Works

As one of the first colleges founded by women, a progressive and pragmatic approach to learning has defined our education model since 1914. Its value begins with our students, who are invested in their education and intentional about their experiences. Learning at JWU is authentic and purposeful.

“Every day, I am working with industry partners who see the value of the Johnson & Wales education firsthand,” says Maureen Dumas, Ed.D., vice president of advancement and university relations. “They look to the university to help them with their workforce development needs.”

Students thrive in a supportive community that not only immerses them in dynamic labs and career-focused classrooms, but also encourages passion for hands-on learning and values their intellectual curiosity. JWU’s faculty provide personalized attention, academic expertise and industry connections that inspire professional success and personal growth.

Most important, the time students spend at JWU is nothing short of transformative, as demonstrated by career outcomes, expected earnings and economic mobility rankings.

"The volume of employer partners who visit JWU is validation for the uniqueness of our education."

Employers tell us that JWU graduates demonstrate a strong work ethic, embrace challenges and ask the right kinds of questions. As such, the university’s commitment is to providing students with a practical, relevant education to provide employers with agile graduates who are real-world tested and ready to enter a highly dynamic workforce. And that’s why a survey of recent graduates shows that 96.8% have found successful career outcomes across our university programs.

“Industry partners recognize the talent that a JWU graduate brings to their organization,” Dumas says. “The volume of employer partners who visit our campus annually is validation and strong evidence of the uniqueness of our educational model.”

Career Outcomes Rate (Bachelor’s Degree Graduates)

In each of the past three years, JWU's universitywide Career Outcomes Rate has risen: 

  • 2016: 93.8%
  • 2017: 95.4%
  • 2018: 96.8%


Career Progression

  • Depicted in results of a 2018 Career Progression Survey, salaries of JWU graduates will increase in an upward trajectory as their career progresses post-graduation, surpassing the annual median age earnings for their non-JWU counterparts in the United States.
  • JWU alumni ranked 29th out of over 1,400 institutions in earnings after graduation relative to expected earnings, according to a variety of factors, such as academic preparation, identified in “Ranking Your College: Where You Go and What You Make.” (Source: Center on Education and the Workforce)
  • According to a 2017 New York Times article on college mobility, 19% of JWU students moved up two or more income quintiles, positioning JWU as 200th out of 578 selective private colleges in the overall mobility index.

Experiential Learning

According to the 2017-18 annual report for Experiential Education & Career Services:

  • 2,898 students completed an internship
  • More than 1,650 internship sites encompassed 48 states and 21 countries

Students who completed an internship noted:

  • 60% received job offers
  • 61% of internships were paid
  • 70% of seniors on paid internships received a job offer

Employers completing internship evaluations graded JWU student interns on the following five-point scale:

  • Work Ethic/Professionalism: 4.49
  • Adaptability: 4.49
  • Disciplinary Knowledge & Skills: 4.41
  • Collaboration/Teamwork: 4.41
  • Communication: 4.38
  • Problem Solving: 4.22
"JWU does an excellent job fast-tracking their students to take on leadership roles in the hospitality industry."

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Employer Relations

Hundreds of alumni representing a variety of employers return to campus to hire JWU students. In all, Experiential Education & Career Services also reported:

  • 1,617 employer visits with direct student engagement
  • 3,367 students participated in on-campus interviews

Career Management Course

As early as their junior year, JWU students complete a Career Management course and demonstrate a 21% increase in career confidence from 71% to 92% at the end of the course.


What They’re Saying ...

“It is always rewarding for us at Delaware North to form business relationships that are truly symbiotic in nature. The opportunity to collaborate with such a profound educational institution is incredibly exciting for all of us in Boston and Delaware North as a whole.” -Charlie Jacobs, CEO of Delaware North’s Boston Holdings

“JWU does an excellent job fast-tracking their students to take on leadership roles in the hospitality industry. It would be very difficult for my organization to maintain its growth targets without the support of JWU graduates. A big thank you to the faculty and leadership at JWU. Your efforts have enabled us to perform at the highest levels and with your support build a great environment for JWU graduates year after year.” -Scott Davis '80, CEO, FLIK Hospitality Group

“I see smiles every day. I see camaraderie. We walk down the hallways, we fist-bump each other. If food is what you love, you’re going to turn that dream into a career within four years. That's without a doubt.” -TJ Delle Donne ’04, ’07, CED, College of Culinary Arts assistant dean of Culinary Relations & Special Projects

“Working on projects in Marketing, Macroeconomic and Legal Environment of Business courses helped me gain experience working in teams to solve a problem. Other skills I’ve learned at JWU — such as networking, public speaking and time management — were transferable and really helped me succeed in a professional environment.” -Darius Ferguson ’21, Business Administration major

“It’s different here. It’s a real-world experience. I talk to a lot of employers ... and I’ve found that the practical experience students have makes all the difference. By having students go through internships, do technics classes, [take] experiential education classes in-house or even just [build] personal projects just to geek out a little bit, it sets them apart from a lot of people.” -Jeff Tagen, professor, College of Engineering & Design


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