Advertising Students Get Inside Look at Google NYC

Google is the online place we go to find virtually everything we need to know. But, what does the inside of Google look like in real life? Twenty-six members of the JWU Ad Club got to find out on December 6 when they headed to Google’s NYC office for a tour led by JWU alumni Lori Dooley ’05.

Dooley has maintained a great relationship with her former professor, Oscar Chilabato, which helped make the tour possible.

Professor Oscar Chilabato and Lori Dooley '05

 “I remember Lori as being a very engaged student who always had a lot of really good questions,” said Chilabato. “Now, she serves as an inspirational figure for so many of our students.”

Dooley has been with Google as a UX Program Manager since 2015. Sharing her career experiences with current JWU students allowed her to reflect on her own experience as a student.

“I remember being in their seat and how confusing and overwhelming the world seemed to be at the time,” she said. “I couldn't imagine how I would ever find a job, or navigate my career. The visits that Professor Chilabato arranged for us back then to companies like BBDO and Spin Magazine were eye opening for me as I was able to see what a future could look like — especially one in New York. They inspired me and gave me direction, and I remember thinking after those visits that somehow, I could land myself a job in NYC. I hope I was able to do the same for the students who came in.”

The Google NYC building

The Google office is located at 111 Eighth Avenue in Chelsea, Manhattan. Originally built in 1932 and used by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, it spans an entire city block between Eighth and Ninth Avenue. It also boasts almost 3 million square feet of space, making it one of the city’s largest buildings.

When the students arrived, they were impressed with the cool vibe of Google’s lobby, which features an interactive wall of light-up buttons. The fun design elements continue on the upper floors, where live plant walls, fully stocked micro-kitchens and many other features create the perfect work environment. Large cafés can also be found on each floor, offering a wide variety of food options and even cooking classes for Google employees. 

Other employee amenities include fitness centers, showers, nap pods, masseuses, and scooters to get around quickly. Google also values the privacy of their employees, which is why pictures and video were limited to certain areas during the tour. But, you can still get a sneak peek in the video below.

Here’s what the students are saying about the trip: 

“I thought the Google trip was amazing — but too short, because I wanted to stay there forever! As a student about to join the growing alumni network of our school, I am excited to know that I’m going to be among Googlers, leaders in their fields and people who’ve made it all over the world.”
— Lindsay Saiia ’21

“I was surprised by the elaborate statistic art covering the halls, and the plants on the walls are real! My favorite part of the tour was seeing the workplace environment — in the dining hall. Seeing people talk about their work was exciting! It is so awesome seeing the team and skill building environments they provide.”
— Kyle Wood ’22 

“My favorite part of the tour was seeing all the Googlers in their ‘natural habitats’. From zooming down the hall on a scooter to just being themselves, there’s a real sense of authenticity in Google. I think it’s incredible the environment Google fosters in the office. No one is in a stiff suit, they’re making lunch at micro kitchens in their favorite pair of sneakers and they’re riding a scooter to their next meeting!”
— Sarah DeFlaminio ’20

 Student group in front of Google neon sign

student group in NYC