Looking to Transfer? Hear from Students Who Chose JWU

If you’re planning to transfer from one college to another, making that move is a big step for your education and future career. Whether you’ll be transferring from a 2-year or a 4-year school, you need to do your research about the ones you’re considering. Find out all you can through online research, visit in person and talk to admissions staff, faculty and current students to help you make an informed decision and choose the school that fits you best.

If you’re not already considering JWU, you might want to add the 110-year-old university to your list. We have campuses in Providence, R.I. and Charlotte, N.C., more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs combined, and more than 8,000 students from 57 countries. We also offer a generous transfer scholarship.

To find out what our transfer students looked for in schools and why they ultimately chose JWU, we talked with some of our Providence Campus students about their transfer experiences.

Students explore Downcity Providence
Students spend their free time exploring Downcity Providence.

Kaitlyn N. Delgado ’24, Media & Communication

What was it about JWU that made it your top choice transfer school?
“How homey it felt, like it was a family. I felt like the school cared about its students, which you don't see very often. That’s what made me apply, how personalized things felt here. And the location — I thought it was so cute and there's so much to do around the area; it felt like an actual community. I was transferring from such a big school where there was none of that.”

When you decided to transfer, what were the most important things you looked for?
“I wanted smaller class sizes. I'm very into people and I like to make connections. I'm seeing now, when I apply for jobs and internships, that my professors are the biggest help I have. This job interview [scheduled later that day] is because my professor connected me with an alumnus that works at this company. It's so personable here and I loved that you had to have an internship to graduate — that’s so important. You can't get into the field without having some experience.”

Grace Stringer ’26, Psychology

Why did JWU become your top choice transfer school?
“The midyear transfer option. Not many other schools I looked at had that — being able to transfer in January and start my school year then. For most, I would have to wait another six months to start.”

URC fellows meet in the Undergraduate Research Center with Professor Jennifer E. Swanberg, Ph.D. MMHS, OTR/L.
Undergraduate Research Center (URC) fellows meet with Professor Jennifer E. Swanberg, Ph.D. MMHS, OTR/L.

Benjamin Morris ’24, Culinary Nutrition

Did you speak to an admissions representative before deciding to transfer to JWU?
“I talked to someone from admissions for a few months right when I applied. They contacted me within a week. They were very attentive and communicative, which I loved. It felt more personalized than the other university I went to.”

Was there anything about the campus that stood out to you?
“I really like the Harborside Campus. Being so close to the water is such a plus that a lot of schools can't boast.”

What were the deciding factors that made you choose JWU over other schools
“The academics, the reputation of the school itself and costs. When speaking to admissions, they mentioned the transfer scholarship that JWU offers. That was a huge bonus.”

Tanya Garci ’25, Baking & Pastry Arts and Food & Beverage Industry Management

When and why did Johnson & Wales become your top choice for transferring?
“When I toured, I really enjoyed the campus. The classrooms didn't seem too big. I felt I could actually learn and have a one-on-one with the professor. Also, JWU is pet friendly. I loved that!”

Associate Professor Douglas Tondreau discussing cyber threat with students in the College of Engineering and Design.
Associate Professor Douglas Tondreau discussing cyber threat with students in the College of Engineering and Design.

Ethan Culhane ’25, Criminal Justice

What were the most important reasons you applied to Johnson & Wales?
“When I visited a friend here, all the people I met were very nice. I really liked them. And it was a friendly campus; I got to connect and relate to a lot of people, and I really felt welcomed.”

Was there anything that stood out when you visited JWU?
“I like that it's in the middle of downtown. There's so much to do within walking distance and if I want to take a break, I could walk down the street and do something completely different that’s not related to school.”

When and why did JWU become your top choice for transferring?
“After visiting a few times and after the Open House I got to meet the head of the Criminal Justice department. And I felt very confident after talking to faculty and some students who said they really enjoyed JWU.”

What was the transfer process like at JWU?
“It was very easy. All I had to do was fill out an application and send my transcripts. I heard back pretty soon. My financial advisor was a great help. Me and my mom met her at the Open House. She gave us so much useful information to help us through the admissions process and with financial aid.”

Students and families pose with Wildcat statue on Harborside Campus
Students and their families pose with the Wildcat statue in front of the Wildcat Center on the Harborside Campus. 

Nikkolai Whalen ’27, Cannabis Entrepreneurship

What made you decide to apply to Johnson & Wales?
“Mainly, it was the major, Cannabis Entrepreneurship. That really sealed the deal because it was so specific and what I was looking for.”

Were there things about JWU that made it seem like a smart investment for your future?
“Yes, the focus on real-world applications and internships and having the ability to get into the industry to try it out.”

Aaron Koso ’26, Sustainable Food Systems

What was your top reason for applying to JWU?
“The level of professionalism and the absolute insane talent that exists in Providence in the baking and culinary world was so enticing. And JWU was very helpful with scholarships and financial aid, so that was another aspect I was happy about.”

Emma Schweitzer ’26, Baking & Pastry Arts and Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship

When you visited JWU was there anything that stood out to you?
“The Cuisinart Center for Culinary Excellence building was mind blowing — all the commercial kitchens and the equipment. I never saw a commercial kitchen before, so seeing that and knowing that this is the environment I get to work in, I was like, ‘This is definitely going to be a great place because I am a hands-on person. This is where I am going to thrive.’”

Students getting to know each other at Providence Campus orientation.
Students getting to know each other at Providence Campus orientation on Gaebe Commons.

Alex Coutcher ’25, Finance

How did you first hear about JWU?
“Once I did preliminary research, I liked the different programs they had and what the College of Business offered. It also was a big help that JWU has open enrollment because I was transferring late. For anywhere else close to Rhode Island, I would have had to wait a semester. The whole onboarding process was quick and easy.”

Valöna Whitehead ’24, Media & Communication

What were the top things that made you decide to transfer to Johnson & Wales?
“That all my credits transferred over, and I got the same scholarship and grants at JWU that I had at my previous school.”

No matter what you are looking for in your ideal school, make sure you start your search as early as possible, stay on top of the schools’ application deadlines, get the documents together you’ll need to submit and look into how many of your credits will transfer to the schools of your choice.

If you liked what you heard from some of our transfer students, learn more about transferring to our Providence or Charlotte Campuses.

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