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With FOCUS 2022, JWU is committed to the introduction of innovative, interdisciplinary programs of study leading to high growth professions and careers. We plan to offer students the best possible education, characterized by academic rigor and practical experiences. And do so through an educational community that values intellectual curiosity, professionalism and diversity in its many forms.

FOCUS 2022 Downloads:

Digital Brochure (PDF)   JWU Memorandum (PDF)

News: FOCUS 2022 Designed to Maximize Student Potential

Our Key Pillars


Academic Life

JWU will strengthen and expand its preeminence in the study of food. It will create academic programming in all colleges, including a new college focused on an interdisciplinary approach to food.


Human, financial and infrastructure resources are critical to the university’s ability to meet its mission and commitment to student success.


All students will be given the chance to bridge classroom experiences with external opportunities as a means of achieving their goals.

Branch Campuses

The JWU mission and vision for its students is shared across all branch campuses.

Providence | Charlotte

Together our plans become progress

FOCUS 2022 Downloads:

Digital Brochure (PDF)   JWU Memorandum (PDF)