Get Involved

The college experience is a journey shared by both students and parents. Appropriate parent involvement can enrich the relationship and assist students in their process of growing, learning, and maturing.

  • Parents of new students: Attend a New Student Orientation session this summer.
  • Attend Homecoming.
  • Keep up with JWU news through our JWU Family Connection + JWU Magazine.
  • Call your student every now and then and ask about his/her day.
  • Send care packages throughout the term.
  • Plan an afternoon to walk around campus together. Have your student point out where his/her classes are, introduce you to faculty/staff members, and show you various offices on campus.
  • If your student lives in on-campus housing, you will receive information during the term regarding exam kits. Send an exam kit to your student to let him/her know you’re thinking about him/her during finals!
  • Go on a walking tour of Charlotte together.
  • Read a book pertaining to your student’s field of study so that you can have an informed conversation regarding what he/she is learning about in class.
  • The Charlotte Culture Guide is a great resource to find out about the many events happening on a weekly basis in Charlotte (many of which are inexpensive or free). Encourage your student to attend!
  • Ask good questions that help your student reflect on his/her college experience.
  • For more information about Charlotte parent programs, see:
    Parent Resources
    Code of Conduct