Enterprise Risk Management

JWU has developed an ERM framework to help protect and enhance the institution by identifying, assessing and managing risks. This is accomplished by:

  • understanding the significant risks facing the university
  • putting measures into place to mitigate or reduce those risks to an acceptable level
  • evaluating risks on an ongoing basis to assure that organizational or environmental changes are understood

The value of effective risk management practices is to:

  • avoid and/or mitigate risk
  • assure compliance with legal, regulatory and ethical responsibilities
  • increase certainty in meeting strategic and operational objectives
  • eliminate silos
  • consolidate processes

JWU "Risk Wheel"
The risk wheel is a graphical representation of high-level institutional risks, key risk management strategies and our competitive advantages. (To view the risk wheel, see the Enterprise Risk Management document under Resources & Policies on the Equity & Compliance homepage.)