The Financial Planning Team

Student Financial Services offers a variety of services to students and their families when financing their higher education at JWU. All JWU students are provided with a Student Financial Planner who will help guide you through every step of paying for college, including:

  • Understanding your aid package
  • Translating financial terms and aid types
  • Understanding the verification process
  • Reviewing tuition and fees
  • Discussing payment plan options — monthly, term, loans
  • Appealing for additional resources

Finding your financial planning representative
Click your planner’s name to email. In your correspondence, please be sure to include your student ID and be as detailed as possible.

DOWNCITY (Undergraduate)

Office Location: Student Services Center (Downcity Campus)

College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business, College of Food Innovation & Technology, College of Hospitality Management, College of Health & Wellness
A-Broo & Garo-Gira Jane Delamare 401-598-1236
Brop-Daw & Girb-Gorm Cassandra Aracri 401-598-1931
Dax-Garn & Gorn-Guev Lucinda Henderson 401-598-1735
Jenl-Mang & Guew-Hans Marcus Brown 401-598-1752
Manh-Och & Hant-Henr Eliana Medina 401-598-5361
Oci-Rodg & Hens-Holm Michele Milos 401-598-1797
Rodh-Tal & Holn-Iaco Rosetta Parente 401-598-2886
Tam-Z & Iacp-Jenk Taryn McElroy 401-598-1788
College of Engineering & Design
A-Z Christine Iannotti 401-598-4837

Veterans School Certifying Official

All Jaime Wager 401-598-1483

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