Your Top Questions on Applying to JWU

Updated: February 2022

Applying to college is exciting but there can be a lot to figure out like what to study, where to apply and how to afford it. It can be overwhelming at first, but once you are able to find out more information about each school that piques your interest, you'll start to narrow your search and be able to make your decision.

To help you get started, here are the answers to some frequent questions asked by students like you who are looking to apply to Johnson & Wales. This should give you more insight into what the university has to offer and help you decide if JWU is the right school for you!

1. How Do I Apply to JWU? 

One common question that seems basic but is maybe the most important: how to actually apply to Johnson & Wales. Applying here is pretty straightforward; you can view your various application options by going to the Apply JWU website

Common App Option

JWU is a Common Application school. You can view the Providence and Charlotte Common App and apply through there with ease.

Online Application 

You can also apply directly through our online application. What can you expect? There are no application fees, essays, letters of recommendation or test requirements.

No matter which way you choose, remember that Johnson & Wales considers all four years of academic performance, as well as extracurricular activities when making admissions decisions. Plus, if you know JWU is for you before November 1, you can apply Early Action and receive a nonbinding admissions decision by Thanksgiving. Rolling admissions apply after November 1.

student working on project in class

2. What GPA do you need for Johnson & Wales? 

JWU takes a holistic approach to admission review — all four years of academic performance and extracurricular activities are taken into consideration. Minimum grade requirements can vary by program. You may also submit an optional letter to share additional information about your high school experience. If you have specific questions regarding your academic progress, please contact Admissions for information and guidance.

3. What is Johnson & Wales tuition? 

Tuition & Fees information is updated annually. It's important to note that in 2020, 97% of on-campus undergraduate students received financial aid and/or institutional scholarships and grants. JWU offers financial aid based on academic performance and need (your individual need is determined based upon your FAFSA, so it is extremely important to add JWU when you file; our FAFSA code is 003404). The NET Price Calculator is a great tool for both Charlotte and Providence that can help you estimate what you may pay out of pocket for attendance. 

Institutional scholarships and grants are automatically awarded, meaning there are no separate essays to write or applications to submit. You can also apply for additional scholarships outside of JWU to help lower tuition costs, as well. In fact, JWU has partnered with ScholarshipUniverse to help accepted students match with external scholarships.

Of course, we encourage students to connect with their financial advisor for additional assistance with financial aid, as they help students every day figure out how to best fund their JWU education.

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4. How hard is it to get into JWU? 

Our admissions team uses a holistic application review process, which means we look at your grades, GPA and overall academic and personal achievements. We strive to make a college education accessible to as many students as possible. Our admissions process aims to admit those who are most likely to succeed at JWU. This requires a combination of academic performance, interest in the university, an affinity for hands-on learning. We also strive to make our education available to the widest pool of qualified students from diverse backgrounds.

5. What is JWU known for? 

Karyn Jimenez-Elliott (right) teaching a design class at JWU.

JWU is a comprehensive university, offering 100-plus majors and degrees across a broad range of disciplines, centered on experiential education and applied learning. Throughout the university's more than 100-year history, JWU has established a global reputation for excellence in culinary arts and hospitality education. JWU's innovative approach to culinary learning has grown to include all aspects of food innovation and technology, as well as sustainability and health. In addition, degrees such as Biology, Cyber Threat Intelligence and Defense, Sports Entertainment — Event Management, Computer Science, and Healthcare Administration position students for meaningful careers, while undeclared options help students discover their interests and stay on track to graduation.

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Johnson & Wales also has an extremely high Career Outcomes Rate. In 2020, the career outcomes rate was 96.8%, historically higher than the national average. Our alumni often go off and do incredibly well in their careers after they graduate because they were prepared by their professors for life after college while attending JWU.  
We hope having these questions helped you with your college search and inspire you to apply to Johnson & Wales!

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