Why I Believe JWU Has One of the Best Graphic Design Programs

As a student at Johnson & Wales, a question I often get from people who haven’t been to JWU is “Do you cook?” This is because JWU is well known for its fantastic culinary programs — but there is so much more this university has to offer that people may not know about.  

One of JWU's standout offerings is the College of Engineering & Design. As a student in this college, I love telling people all about it, especially since I believe JWU has one of the best Graphic Design programs in New England. 

Now, I know that sounds like a bold statement, but it is one I truly believe in. So, let me explain why JWU’s design program is ahead of the curve when it comes to preparing students for a future career as a graphic designer. 

graphic design critique notes

1. You can choose your focus.

As a design student here, you can opt to focus on print or web design once you get to your junior year. Print design consists of environmental graphics, posters, signage, prototyping and more. Web-based design consists of user experience (UX) design, app design, motion graphics, and more. 

2. You'll have plenty of hands-on experience.

One of my favorite classes I have taken here at JWU is Design Solutions Team. This is an opportunity I feel every design student needs to take part in. The course allows students to collaborate with their peers on client projects for other JWU programs and even small/startup businesses in the area. Students learn project management, collaboration and more in this course.  

You'll have so many opportunities like this to work on projects in collaboration with the university and other external clients so you can gain the professional experience needed to land a job. Since these clients are connected with JWU, it is a great learning experience because the stakes are lower, but you can still have that professional experience. This way you will be properly prepared and knowledgeable of what is expected in a professional setting.

Students collaborate together on a product design project 

3. Alumni often return to share their wisdom.

Students are able to learn from alumni by having former graduates of the program visit classes and talk about how their student experience led them to their current success. They explain their current career field and the projects they work on at their office. They also share advice for current students to help prepare them for their career search. These alumni are willing to come back and share their knowledge with students because of the unique connections they had with their professors at JWU. 

4. Graphic design professors go above and beyond.

The design professors here make sure their students are prepared by giving them hands-on projects, often based on design experiences they have had during their time in the industry, as well as opportunities to work with real clients in their network. 

These professors care for their students and enjoy building good relationships. In the design program, your professors are almost like your peers — you're on a first-name basis with them. They are incredibly helpful and inspiring with their feedback, and they push students to go above and beyond in their work. Additionally, they take the time to get to know each and every one of their students, learning their strengths in design. This way they can help students land opportunities that they believe the student will enjoy and have the skill set for. 

graphic design students participating in peer critiques

All this is from my own experience and knowledge of the program, so that's why I believe JWU's College of Engineering & Design and all the programs in it deserve more recognition.

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