College of Health & Wellness

If you’re ready to join the ever-expanding healthcare field, JWU’s integrative, multidisciplinary approach can help prepare you for your career. Elective courses are designed to equip you for success in Public Health, Dietetics and Applied Nutrition, Healthcare Administration or Exercise and Sports Science. Or, begin your path here at JWU toward becoming a physician assistant, registered dietitian, occupational therapist, registered nurse or other clinician.

Embrace the Future of Health & Wellness

At JWU Providence, you’ll have the opportunity to gain practical experience in cutting-edge laboratories. Whether you’re implementing meal plans recommended by a registered dietitian, designing wellness education programs for the community, or utilizing advanced equipment and techniques to anticipate and prevent injuries to sensitive body parts, you will be fully immersed in hands-on learning.

Health & Wellness Programs

Nursing Cohort Front row: Danaejha Geddes, Kelsey Quinlan, Jasmine Jones Middle row: Balakisa D. Kaba, Isabella Colagiovanni-Carey, Molly Lynch, Kristina Johnson Back row: Madelyn O'Hara, Mary Tobin

Undergraduate Majors

Get started with your choice of five major programs that will help develop your skills in the health and wellness field. If you already hold a bachelor’s degree and are seeking a new career path, JWU’s Accelerated Second Degree in Nursing (ABSN) program might be the perfect fit for you!

Graduate Programs

Take helping people to the next level by earning an advanced degree in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Public Health or Physician Assistant (PA) Studies.

Allison Acquisto lectures about essential nutrition with a slide listing core proteins and nutrients.


Enhance your knowledge by immersing yourself in a related field that complements your degree. Consider adding a minor in Nutrition or Public Health to broaden your perspective on the intricate link between food and well-being.

Gain Professional Experience

JWU students learn by doing in spaces that simulate the real world, from helping student athletes work on strength, speed, flexibility, balance and power to using state-of-the-art culinary spaces to design and improve the nutritional content of food products. Through internships with local hospitals and healthcare organizations to Directed Experiential Education (DEE) courses where getting a taste of your future career earns you classroom credit, students encounter humanistic healthcare and wellness delivery that will impact people for the better.

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Launch Experience


Destini Quinones in her physician assistant white coat

Alumni Spotlight

Destini Quinones knew back in high school that she wanted to be a physician assistant. When she heard in 2014 that JWU was launching its first cohort in Physician Assistant (PA) studies, she enrolled in a Biology program, sharing her dream with her professors and receiving support in return. After earning licensure as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), she worked to earn enough patient care hours to receive her PA degree from JWU. Now she is equipped to combat our shortage of healthcare professionals!

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Professors with Industry Expertise

Before coming to JWU Providence, our professors worked as dietitian nutritionists, physical therapists, anatomists, chemical and biomedical engineers, wellness program evaluators and clinicians. Our professors possess a deep understanding of the healthcare field, due to their extensive industry experience. They are well-versed in the requirements of today’s job market as well as the evolving demands of tomorrow. JWU professors are here to support you in developing the skills that employers value.

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