5 Reasons You Should Consider Commuting to JWU

If you’re looking to stay close to home for college, have your own space, save some money, or all of the above — commuting to Johnson & Wales is a great option. I was a commuter during my time at JWU, so I can say from experience that commuting was the perfect choice for me. Roughly 3,000 JWU students universitywide commute — that’s 60% of our student population. Here are five reasons why you should consider if it’s the right move for you.

JWU window singnage.

1. Commuters have all the same perks as resident students

No matter where you live, you still have access to all of the services, resources and support that JWU offers including:

2. There are dedicated spaces for commuters

Both the Providence Campus and Charlotte Campus offer lounge areas where commuters can go to study, eat or hang out with friends. For example, The Den at the Providence Campus provides a refrigerator and kitchen area, a TV and couches, and dedicated staff to answer any questions. “My first two years at JWU, I frequented The Den often in between my classes. It was a place for me to relax, eat my lunch, and do my homework,” said Tayla Bolduc '20, a Providence student. “It led to me working at The Den for my last two years at JWU, which was also a great experience.”


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A student at the lounge.

3. Commuters have dedicated resources and staff to help with anything you need

Both JWU campuses have someone you can go to with questions or concerns about commuter life.

4. It’s easy for commuters to stay involved on campus

“Commuters can sometimes feel detached or less connected with the university because they don’t spend as much time on campus as resident students,” says Diane Riccitelli ’89 M.S., the director of off-campus student services at the Providence Campus. “It’s important that the university increase a commuter student’s awareness of the opportunities that are available to them on campus and to encourage them to get involved.” That’s why in addition to numerous campus events, there are plenty of commuter-specific events year-round such as meet-and-greets, game nights, appreciation days and much more. Explore the Events Calendar (all campuses) or log in to jwuLink for the latest happenings on campus.

5. Commuting can be cost-effective

There are many benefits to living on campus, but there can also be benefits for students if they choose to live at home or find an apartment off-campus, not least among them that it can be cost-effective. If you’re going with the apartment option, JWU can provide you with resources and tips for how to find the right place to rent.