Core Curriculum

Apply and adapt your knowledge in innovative ways through the Arts & Sciences Core Experience. As part of your JWU bachelor’s degree program, you’ll approach big ideas and questions from various perspectives, exploring complex issues and problems in your chosen field of study to find real-world solutions.

JWU arts & sciences focus core curriculum

You’ll build a strong academic foundation based on

  • oral and written communication
  • quantitative and information literacy
  • critical and creative thinking
  • scientific and mathematical reasoning

As you progress through the curriculum, you’ll apply and integrate this learning, developing and demonstrating the high-level thinking skills that employers value most — to set you apart from your competition.

Integrative Learning Courses

As part of your Arts & Sciences Core Experience, you’ll take Integrative Learning courses of your choice. These courses approach a big idea or question from the perspective of multiple disciplines. From global food security, disease and culture, and abuse of power, to sports in film and literature, history of digital art, and keywords in social media, you’ll gain the adaptive, innovative thinking needed for professional success and lifelong learning in your areas of interest.

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